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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth M. Diggins, “Liz,” is a realtor working for Sweeney & O’Connell Real Estate in Arlington, MA. Born and raised in Arlington, she brings an enormous amount of enthusiasm to her work as a realtor and recommends that buyers and sellers use a local agent for their real estate needs. “Finding an agent who truly knows the area is extremely important for a successful transaction. You don’t want to learn after the fact that the home you just purchased is next door to an old dumping ground or in the middle of a traffic nightmare once you’ve got the keys in your pocket.”


Liz knows Arlington. She is now in her 20th year working for a local author, has worked for the Arlington Youth Community Center, is on the Arlington Soccer Club Board of Directors as the Director of Winter Programs, is a Warden in Arlington’s Brackett School District and serves as the Executive Secretary for the Arlington Finance Committee. There is lots of Arlington in her life!


Real Estate work requires a lot of time and energy, research and knowledge, flexibility in your schedule, and, most importantly, care. “Your client is the most important part of a transaction. You can easily learn a law/rule or how to complete a form, but you can’t replace or forget that your kindness, compassion and honesty become a strong bond with your client and without it, you are no longer connecting to your transaction.”

June, 2019