Arlington Area Home Inspectors

Home Inspections Arlington MAYour Sweeney & O’Connell Agent has found you the perfect Arlington MA or Greater Boston area home and your offer has been accepted! Next step will be to have the property inspected by a Licensed Massachusetts Home Inspector.

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Selecting a Home Inspector

Information is taken from The Official Website of the Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation (OCABR) 

Good referral sources for home inspection services are friends, neighbors, or business acquaintances who have been satisfied with a home inspector.  In addition, lawyers and mortgage brokers may also recommend a home inspector.

 A Home Inspection Fact Sheet for consumers can be found @  or you can check out your local Yellow Pages where many advertise under “Building Inspection Services” or “Home Inspection Services.

Accessing Licensed Home Inspectors

Real estate brokers and salesmen may not directly recommend a specific home inspection company or home inspector unless representing the buyer as a buyers' broker.  Brokers, however, may provide assistance to buyers in accessing information on licensed home inspectors.” Contact Sweeney & O'Connell or call 781.643.7478 for more information.