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Arlington Open Houses 10-2-2011


Open houses are a great way to preview properties but not always convenient to your schedule.  At Sweeney & O'Connell Real Estate we understand that time is a very precious commodity and a Private Home Tour may be a better option for you. To schedule a private home tour Contact Sweeney & O'Connell RE or Call 781-643-7478 to talk to a Sweeney & O'Connell Agent today.

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If you can not make an open house or if the home you are interested in viewing a home that does not have an open house,  contact us to make an appointment for a private showing.

New Massachusetts Heating Oil Law

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Did you know there is a New Law in Massachusetts that effects homeowners that have oil heat.  As of September 30, 2011 this law will go into effect. Whether you are selling your home or not you need to understand the law. New Heating Oil Law Effective 9/30/2011
Information provided from Bay State Realtors
New Home Heating Oil Law Goes Into Effect In SeptemberQ. I heard that there is a new law regarding homes with oil heat that will require owners to ensure that they have equipment installed to prevent leaks from tanks and fuel lines. When does it go into effect and what do we need to do?A. The new law requires that by September 30, 2011, owners of one- to four-unit residences that are heated with oil must already have or will need to install an oil safety valve or an oil supply line with a protective sleeve on their heating equipment. Installation of these devices must be performed by a licensed oil burner technician. Technicians are employed by companies that deliver home heating oil, or they are self-employed. It is important to note that heating oil systems installed on or after January 1, 1990 are most likely already in compliance because state fire codes implemented these requirements on new installations at that time. For those who need to install this equipment, state officials estimate that the typical cost of installing either an oil safety valve or oil supply line with a protective sleeve ranges from $150 to $350 (including labor, parts, and local permit fees). While it is an expense that is not insignificant, the costs to clean up a leak can be thousands of dollars.

Heating Oil Rule Applies to All Home Owners


It is important for home owners to remember that this rule applies to all home owners, regardless of whether they are selling their home or not. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has an excellent, easy-to-understand document that explains this new rule. The document can be found on MAR's website in the Bay State REALTOR® section under Law and Ethics, or from DEP direct at

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Tips on how to keep the heat in your home this Winter

With the dog days of summer coming to an end it is time to make sure our homes are ready for the winter months.  With oil and gas prices so high we want to make sure that we are not letting all our money go out the windows or any where else it may be sneeking out of our homes.  Inspecting the windows, your doors, the attic and basement for drafts could help you cut down on your heating bills this winter.  Something we are all interested in doing especially these days.

With the variety of articles below you can learn how to be your own home inspector and handyperson.  All you need are a few tools that most of us have around the house.  After you have done your inspections and found out what is needed to be done then its time to fix the problem spots.  If you have found a problem that is to big to handle yourself always remember to call a professional.

If you are in need of a professional please visit our Preferred Partners page on our website.  Sweeney & O'Connell's Preferred Partners are made up of Local Business Owners that we have used ourselves and would recommend to you our clients.   Contact us if you do not see the professional you are looking for and we will help you find what you are looking for.

Enjoy the articles and let us know if they were helpful.

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